Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Dining Room Rug is Here to Stay!

Just wanted to post another picture of the dining room:

I have framed two pictures with custom dark brown picture mats (handmade by yours truly, of course... wasn't about to pay $35 for just one mat!) the pictures are of Craig & I and of my fab girlies Betsy, Carrie, and I. I will hang two additional pictures above the desk to make the long wall symmetrical. Still deciding on the particular pictures but I know I want great pics of my family and other loves!

Oh and "Papa don't preach... but, I've made up my mind... I'm keeeeping the ruuugg!" ;) wow, so corny. But I do love the rug - it's so soft and works just perfectly in the space. yay! Props to my beautiful Mom on that one.


Jen said...

i wish i could click on the pic & make it bigger--i wanna see the pics! guess i'll have to see it in personn!

Anonymous said...

props??? wow, you are such a gangsta.

you know who