Monday, November 17, 2008

Master Bathroom Progress...

hello all! I am currently working on renovating the master bathroom. The biggest project yet! Hence the lapse in blog postings. So far, the old broken vanity has been ripped out, popcorn ceiling removed, and the old peeling vinyl flooring ripped up. Demo was fun until I had to clean it up all up. After cleaning the room, the ceiling received a fresh coat of white paint and the walls the same Adriatic Mist paint from the bedroom. Last weekend, my mom and I installed new laminate floor tiles that look almost real but cost nothing near. Currently I am in the process of painting vertical stripes on the walls to add to the luxurious feel. No pictures to post as of yet, since my camera was lost somehow at the NC State game. I hope to borrow a camera in the next few weeks to take pictures and show off the fab work! So I will continue to spend all my free time in the bathroom in hopes of posting results soon!

p.s. I also would like to give dap to Craig for all his hard work & great disposition while helping me with this project! :)