Thursday, September 4, 2008

Breakfast Nook with a Side of Blinds

This post is dedicated to my girlie Betsy. Many thanks to her for getting me a sweet employee discount on the Levolor (a Rubbermaid company) ;) blinds pictured to the left. Before, the kitchen was like a 24 hour human exhibit tank with me as the main attraction whenever I was in it. However, the custom blinds came today and with my Mom's help we installed them to my delight! Paired with the cute bar table and chairs from IKEA the breakfast nook is ready for it's first Saturday morning pancakes. I also must give shout outs to Craig for helping assemble the table... they don't make constructing these things easy!! It all looks great though and I can't wait to enjoy the view of the trees over the top of the blinds and a cup of coffee at the table with no outside spectators. :) happiness.


Jen said...

and heyyy
these are my stinkin wedding colors you biaaaaa

Jen said...

you took my wedding colors---
cute table though!!!

Janine Rae Edwards said...

hehe - they are just on loan. i added light blue too... thats not your color. what can i say you have great taste ;)

Jen said...

i want to move into your house w/ you