Thursday, October 16, 2008

Half Bath... Fully Done!

I am happy to write that the downstairs half bathroom is finally finished! After one coat of primer, two coats of an awful traffic cone orange color, two more coats of a deeper red paint, then another coat of primer, and finally two coats of chocolate brown, I am ecstatic to say that I will not be painting this bathroom ever again!! :) A lot has changed in this small space so I am posting the before and after pictures for comparisons. Below is the vanity with a fresh coat of white paint, new hardware, and a new fixture. I also switched out the towel bar with a small towel ring, replaced the dated light fixture, and installed a new mirror with a white border.

On the opposite wall a casual picture frame featuring red coral and tan graphic designs was hung above the toilet. I also updated the toilet paper holder to match the new towel ring and the satin nickel of the sink faucet. Of course, one could not forget the beautiful and rich laminate hardware flooring that makes a huge difference in the small room. The door and trim received a fresh coat of paint and an updated satin nickel doorknob.

Last but certainly not least... I took the time to scrape off the old popcorn ceiling, putty and sand the surface smooth before applying a fresh coat of paint. I don't have a before picture of this but I am sure everyone knows a popcorn ceiling when they see one and they won't see it in the half bathroom. Now for the rest of my house... that's a different story and likely to not change because removing popcorn is hard and dirty work! I am really excited about the transformation in this small bathroom and I think it feels really cozy yet contemporary. Many where afraid the dark color on the wall would make the space feel like a cave and fortunately it does not! Many visitors will also be happy to know that the door is back in place for their privacy. Overall this project took much longer and much more paint that originally expected but the end result is always worth the work. At least that is my perspective. ;)


KindergartenChaos said...

i love it! it's funny how there's so much more to updating a half bath than you'd ever expect. and you know i can totally relate to your paint color experiences. the light fixture looks great and so does the faucet. i need to come see this place in person!

KindergartenChaos said...

forgot to sign that as julie....and i really dont know where that kindergartenchaos name came from...but whatevs