Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm a Doormat

Just trying to be clever in the title, not really a doormat, hehe.  Quick update then let's move on to the fun stuff: I won't be selling my condo!! yay!  Long story short, the market is over saturated with houses in my price range so I wouldn't be able to get a fair price for my little place.  So now that I am staying put, on to the fun stuff like continuing to make my home perfectly me!  As Sarah Richardson would say, "You can have the home of your dreams now."  Just a little bit in love with her!

Any who, back to the matter at hand... the doormat.  Those of you that know me, we'll pretty much if you are reading this blog you are either my friend or mom, hi mom!, so you know the story of what happen to my last doormat.  We won't go into those sad details today.  Today, we will discuss a new doormat and entry way! yay!  I would like to power wash my front landing and stairs and get a new doormat and possibly some potted plants?  I figure I can keep them alive if they are outdoors, right? maybe?  Also, now that I have the whole landing to myself (tehehe), small victory = 1 Janine, 0 he who may not be named ;), I figure I can expand my front door decor.  (It rhymes, deal with it.)

So here is what I am thinking:
One of the above doormats.  Which one do you like the best?  I like the second because it adds a pop of color and my front door is green but then I also like the second but it's timeless - you will never get tired of seeing it.  Help!?

Here are the pots I was thinking for the plants:

Do you have recommendations for what plants to put in them?  I was thinking just two pots, I do love decorating in groups of three but I think three pots would be too much.  Is it just me or does the word pot make everyone giggle?  hehe.  I like the look of the plants they have in the picture, add some more green to the boring deck?  I need something hardy, that won't easily die.  Also what will the pots look like in winter when the plan dies, should I get year around plants?  or just hide the plants in the winter and replace with a blow up, life sized snowman?

I also like the look of this planter below.  I think the added visual height would be really nice and that the straight lines would match almost too perfectly with the geometric mat above. Too much?

I  can't wait to hear your thoughts and start my front door beautification project!