Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Closing Day

I closed yesterday!! After signing my life away and my name about 1001 times, I finally closed on my condo. :) And no, you don't feel like a famous actress signing autographs at a movie premiere... just in case you were wondering. But it was good, everything went so smoothly and at the end I was given the keys... the keys to my new chapter.

I couldn't wait. I went over to my new home almost immediately to show it off and then again later that day to start the work. Whenever I show people around the unit, I always feel the need to say, "It needs a lot of work, so use your imagination." I sure have. In the 30 days between first walking through the unit with my Realtor, Mariella, my mom and younger sister, Kristin, and up to yesterday when I finally closed, I imagined all the things I would love to do with the place. Built in 1990, the condo is not really outdated like some other places I looked at in my house search, but it could definitely use some freshing up. The unit was also rented recently and shows the wear of its previous owner. Dirty carpet, scuffs on the walls, and remaining tape from posters let you know it had been lived in and loved before me.

My first task will be to deep clean and paint the entire unit. I think just doing this will show a great improvement and make it feel clean as new. I plan to go over tonight, to start the nail hole patching and wall cleaning.... I will post "before" pictures as well for all those that are curious and to compare to as work is done!


Dave said...

Lovely beginning. A little paint, some steam for the carpets. Nice.
Seems quite roomy

One thing that will really spiff
things up quickly is a velvet painting of dogs playing poker. :)

janet said...

congratulations, Janine - this is the first step on the journey of home ownership! I look forward to seeing your talents at work on this "blank canvas".

Jen said...

yayyy congrats neener :) your place is going to be the HOTNESS when you are done, without a doubt!!