Sunday, October 4, 2009

So Fresh & So Clean: Laundry Room

Wow, it has been a while, hasn't it? Sorry for the delay in postings, it's not like I didn't have great things to post. So to catch you all up, I have decided to do three posts this week! Three, yes, three! I haven't posted once in 8 months, but now I am back on the ball and posting three in one week. Wahoo! A lot has happened since I last posted, Craig and I adopted a cute little puppy who is now an energetic 50lb dog. My good friend, Jen, got married on a beautiful Sunday in June and I created her wedding invitations and most of the paper goods for the wedding. I have been working on starting my own correspondence & design business (more on this next week). I cleared and renovated the laundry room, the master bedroom closet, and completely fancified the fireplace with glass tile. So in keeping with the timeline of the updates, let's start with the laundry room, which I completed in early March.

For comparisons, here are some before pictures... gross!

In late February, my 'old timer' washing machine (which came with the house) decided to break and cost a small fortunate to fix. So rather than fix something I disliked in the first place and with a little help from a hefty tax return, I bought a brand new front loader washer and dryer!

The weekend before the new washer & dryer were to be delivered, I removed everything from the laundry room, its more like a closet however. ;) It was so gross since the previous owners had never cleaned it. I painted a fresh coat of Gobi Desert, leftover from painting the rest of the house. I also went ahead and placed new laminate tile (same as in the master bathroom) over the old flooring. Gave the doors and trim a fresh coat of white paint and switched out the old flowery door knobs for sleek brushed nickel ones.

Okay, okay... I think you have waited enough, a whole 8 months and now I am making you read all this fluff before I show the big reveal. I figured with a laundry room, I would have to hype it up... it's just a laundry closet after all.

Isn't she a beaut! Having a laundry room this lovely and organized really makes me happy to do the laundry, ironing is now just mildly mundane. For ironing and folding, I created a table top over the washer & dryer by cutting a piece of plywood down to size, painting it white, and then applying a coat of clear polyurethane so water wouldn't damage the surface. For some reason, the polyurethane coating has yellowed a bit over time. Eventually, I might replace it with a white laminate countertop from IKEA. I used a silver bucket as a trash can and also to collect the drops from the laundry detergent. I framed two art cards to add visual interest and color to the room and to also hide the cords and water valves.

The shelving, drying rack, iron holder, and storage bins all came from IKEA. I do most of the ironing in this small space so to add much needed light, I installed two arm lamps (also from IKEA).

So there you have it, the first of many new posts to come. Please check back on Tuesday for another post on the new master bedroom closet which was completed in July. Until then, I am off to finish the laundry. :)


Julie said...

who knew you could put so much "happy" into a little laundry closet ??? your rennovations are never a let down, love it!

Jen said...

FINALLY! looks great, like i tell you all the time

Mariela said...

I love the front load washer! It gives you a great place to fold and space for hanging. Looks great!